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    Mi Mix Fold is Xiaomi’s first-ever foldable smartphone

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    Foldable smartphones is what smartphone makers are looking into. One example smartphone maker is Xiaomi. This week, Xiaomi has unveils its first-ever foldable smartphone. It is called the Mi Mix Fold.

    Last year, Xiaomi unveils the Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone which didn’t really go well as expected. So Xiaomi decided to create a more relevant smartphone similar to its competitor Samsung and Huawei. First of all, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold looks exactly similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Nevertheless, lets see how does the specs are with the Mi Mix Fold. Could it really compete with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X2?

    Mi Mix Fold Technical Specifications

    First of all, the Mi Mix Fold has two large displays. Upfront, it has 6.52″ AMOLED display which comes with 90Hz screen refresh rate. Then the inner display, it has a 8.01″ flexible OLED Quad HD+ display. According to Xiaomi, this is the largest foldable display for a smartphone. However, the screen refresh rate is reduced to 60Hz only.

    For the camera wise, the Mi Mix Fold features a triple camera setup. The main camera comes with a 108MP lens. Whereas the other two cameras are a 13MP ultra wide-angle camera and an 8MP telephoto camera which has a 30x telephoto zoom. The interesting thing is the Xiaomi Mi Mix also uses the liquid lens camera which is the world first smartphone to use this technology.

    World’s first-ever liquid lens camera smartphone

    With the liquid lens camera, Xiaomi has developed a high precision motor that offers 3x optical zoom and up to 30x telephoto with a minimum distance of 3cm. This means the liquid lens camera can be used as two cameras using a single lens. For example, the current telephoto camera can also be used as a macro camera too.

    For those of you who are interested in taking selfies, there is also a 20MP front selfie camera. It also comes with added Xiaomi features too for selfies.

    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor is used to provide top-notch performance. It also comes with 256GB UFS 3.1 storage and also 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM. There is another model too which has RAM’s up to 16GB and storage up to 512GB.

    Xiaomi uses the butterfly-type cooling system

    Since it is a folding smartphone, there are high chances for the Mi Mix Fold to get heated easily. For that reason, Xiaomi has adopted the butterfly-type cooling system. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Mix Fold integrates large-area VC liquid cooling, thermal gel, multilayer graphite sheets and other heat dissipation methods. Through this method, it cools down the entire device easily.

    Keeping the lights on, on the Mi Mix Fold is the large 5,020mAh battery. Similar to other foldable smartphone makers, the Mi Mix Fold also uses dual-battery architecture which has two batteries that charge at the same time. To quickly charge your smartphone you can use the 67W wired charging via USB-C which can charge the Mi Mix Fold completely in just 37 minutes.

    Pricing and availability

    As for now, the Mi Mix Fold is not available in Malaysia. So you probably might need to import it directly from China. The 12GB RAM + 256GB storage model starts from RMB 9,999 (RM6,100). The highest model model 16GB RAM + 512GB storage is priced at RMB 12,999 (RM8,200).

    Could the Mi Mix Fold launch in Malaysia too? The Mi Mix Alpha didn’t make its way to Malaysia last year. But there are high chances for this foldable smartphone to reach the Malaysia shore in the coming months too. For more information, visit the Xiaomi website.

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