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    You don’t need a password to login into Windows 10


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    Password is the most important thing we need to have in our daily life. Each of us owns a mobile phone and that mobile phone is locked with passwords. Technology has been revolving from passwords to drawing patterns. Then a few years ago everything changes when smartphone maker started to introduce biometrics as our password. This includes the fingerprint scanner and the most recent retina scanner.

    Now, we are hearing next year Windows 10 next major updates will be passwordless. During the next year Windows 10 update, you can enable a passwordless sign-in for your Microsoft accounts in the Windows 10 device. Microsoft will be using either Windows Hello face authentication, fingerprints, or a PIN code instead. The next update Microsoft will be including new options where you can decide to make your device passwordless.

    Here is the simple step to make your device passwordless

    Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, and selecting ‘On’ under ‘Make your device passwordless’.

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    The main reason Microsoft says PIN code is more secure than a password because of Windows 10 will store the private key on the device itself using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPM is a secure chip which stores your PIN locally to the device only where even the hacker hacks the server the Windows Hello PIN will not be affected.

    Other than that, Microsoft also is trying its best to persuade its users to use the Windows 10 two-factor authentication. Microsoft offers different types of two-factor authentication processes such as receiving pin code via SMS, using Microsoft’s Authenticator app or Windows Hello. Microsoft also will be introducing a method where you can sign in using your phone number to your Microsoft Account.

    In conclusion, Microsoft is making a huge step forward by going passwordless. Soon we can expect other companies such as Apple also coming with a new method to sign in called “Sign in with Apple”.

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