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    Unifi’s Fibre Broadband Plan Falls Short of ‘True 2Gbps’ Speed: An SEO Title Analysis

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    Unifi Fibre Broadband now offers 2Gbps and 1Gbps plans. Time Fibre’s 2Gbps service offers true 2Gbps speed, but Unifi’s 2Gbps plan offers an aggregated download speed. Unifi’s 2Gbps plan is like having 2 separate 1Gbps connections, instead of one connection with a max speed of 2Gbps. This allows for more devices to be connected with their own dedicated 1Gbps bandwidth.

    Unifi’s provided Optical Network Router has 4 LAN ports. Each port can deliver up to 1Gbps to a third-party router, Mesh node, or other wired devices. 2Gbps and 1Gbps plan subscribers get an Optical Network Unit and a Mesh WiFi unit. The Mesh WiFi extends the WiFi coverage of your home.

    Unifi offers two fibre broadband plans: 2Gbps and 1Gbps. The 2Gbps plan costs RM399/month, while the 1Gbps plan is RM349/month (introductory offer). Both plans come with free voice calls and an Unifi TV Ultimate Pack with 7 streaming apps. If you sign up, the installation will be within 24 hours and any interruption will be fixed within 12 business hours. The 2Gbps plan has an upload speed of 1Gbps, while the 1Gbps plan has an upload speed of 500Mbps. Both plans are available nationwide, but subject to port availability. You can check your coverage on their website.

    TM may not have 10G PON technology, which enables faster fibre broadband connectivity up to 10Gbps. Time is the first in Malaysia to commercially deploy 10G PON, which allows them to offer true 2Gbps connection for home users. Time’s 2Gbps plan costs RM379 and comes with a 2Gbps-ready WiFi 6 router that has one 2.5Gbps LAN port and supports AX6000 wireless standard.

    Most fibre broadband providers in Singapore, such as ViewQwest, M1, MyRepublic, and Singtel, also offer 2x 1Gbps plans. Earlier this year, TM signed an MoU with ZTE Malaysia to collaborate on optical network research. The collaboration aims to introduce the first 50Gbps bandwidth experience in Malaysia.

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