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    Uber will start its food delivery service in San Diego this summer

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    The drone is the future of business and it is also the future of transportation. According to Bloomberg, Uber is gearing up to launch its flying food delivery test service in San Diego. Most likely, Uber will start to test the drone-based food delivery service this summer.

    At this moment, the only thing pending is the United States Federal Aviation Administration approval. According to Uber, it is very confident that the approval will be approved soon. Once Uber has the approval, it will be partnering with McDonald’s to deliver fast food. Both Uber and McDonalds also will be collaborating to determine how the food should be delivered to the customer and how to keep the french fries and ice cream hot and cold respectively.

    Delivering food via drone is not an easy task. There are a lot of precautions steps has to be taken. At the same time, the weather is the main problem. What if a hacker sabotages the drone and takes over the control? Another issue that Uber needs to solve is the risk of the drone falling out from the sky towards the pedestrian.

    One way to mitigate this issue is by designing safe landing zones around the delivery area. This is where food couriers will be waiting to collect the deliveries. Then the remaining journey will be completed either by car or bike. Another interesting idea Uber gives is by landing the drone on the roof of a parked Uber car. Through the QR code, the drone will land and the car will be driven to the doorsteps of customer.

    Type of drone to take-off

    For now, the information we have on the drone model is the AR200 which is the enterprise-level drone. This drone has six rotors where it is capable to cruise at the speed of 28km/h and the maximum speed of 56km/h. This is just the test drone only. Once the testing is completed, Uber will be designing a new drone design which can withstand any type of weather conditions.

    According to Uber, the usual delivery will be taking at least 21 minutes to reach the destination. Now with the launch of an aerial food delivery service, the time can be cut down to 7 minutes.

    In conclusion, Uber’s head of policy at the aerial division told Bloomberg that the drone food delivery service will take at least three years to bring it to the consumer market.

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