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    U Mobile offers Huawei P30 series with unlimited calls


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    U Mobile starts to offer the new Huawei P30 series smartphone with unlimited voice calls. You can get the Huawei P30 smartphone with a triple-camera setup from as low as RM1,099 only. Maxis, Celcom, and Digi are already offering the Huawei P30 series smartphone. Next, on the line, U Mobile starts to offer the Huawei P30 series smartphone on its official U Mobile page.

    You can either signup for the U Mobile Unlimited Hero P99 or P139 postpaid plans to start to own the Huawei P30 series smartphone. You will be tied to a 24-month contract upon signing up for these plans. However, if you wish to terminate your contract you can do it easily but you have to pay the penalty charges before terminating your contract. According to U Mobile, these plans offers the unlimited voice calls and unlimited data with no speed caps. This means there is no limit for the data, you can stream your Netflix or iFlix for whole month without the need to pay extra.

    Are you a loyal existing U Mobile subscriber? If yes, then you are eligible to waive your upfront payment upon purchasing the Huawei P30 series smartphone. Unless if you are a new subscriber or non-eligible existing subscriber than you will have to pay RM504 for the Unlimted Hero P99 and RM1,056 for the Unlimited Hero P139. You also can enjoy free Roam-Onz Global for 24-months if you sign up for the Unlimited Herp P139 before 30th September 2019. Note that this is valid for a limited time offer only. Other than that, you will also receive the Huawei wireless charging case for each puchase of the Huawei P30 series smartphone.

    In conclusion, if you want to have a service line with an unlimited data cap and unlimited voice calls then U Mobile is your choice. Visit the official U Mobile page for more information on the packages.

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