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    Share Android or iOS screen through Skype video call

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    Skype is one of the most used application to make video calls. Few weeks back, Microsoft announces that soon Skype would be supporting up to 50 people for video call. Today we have been hearing that Microsoft soon will allow Skype users to share their phone screen during a video call session.

    Microsoft is testing this new feature where it allows the users to share anything on their smartphone displays to their friends and family. The main use case we might think of is sharing the PowerPoint presentation from your mobile phone. This feature has not been rolled out to the public yet. As for now, it is in the beta testing phase. So, if you need to get your hand on this feature, then you might have to sign up here to get the beta access.

    Previously, other business apps such as Cisco WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and Zoom has the mobile phone screen sharing feature. Looks like, Microsoft is finally focusing on the small businesses too. According to The Verge, this feature was not available in the iOS when the team test it out. However, Microsoft announces this feature on their community post where it has the screenshot of it running in iOS. We can assume maybe Microsoft has not enable this feature yet on the iOS beta app.

    In conclusion, we think this feature will be really helpful for small businesses and for others too. There is still no announcement date that when this feature will be rolling out publicly. However, the previous Skype feature was rolled out a month after the beta testing. Maybe, we can expect Microsoft to roll this feature soon too.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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