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    TNG RFID is now available in the Northern Region


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    Touch ‘n Go RFID is widely available in different locations. After its pilot test, Touch ‘n Go has officially announced to roll out the RFID solution to rest of the users. Since then, many people have registered for RFID. If you travel to the Southern Regions you probably might have noticed many tolls have implemented the TNG RFID. The Touch ‘n Go company have announced that it will be bringing the TNG RFID to the Northern Regions too.

    When it comes to working days, many people are travelling from different states. This surely causes terrible jam during the beginning working hours and after working hours. But now, with the TNG RFID, you don’t have to wait in the long queue. You can easily drive through the toll gate without opening your window. By using the TNG RFID, it will be more secure to make toll payments.

    Apart from that, when you purchase the RFID tag, the company will require you to register in the TNG eWallet app. Once the RFID tag is linked to your eWallet app, you can view all your transactions easily through the app. Especially, when you are planning to claim for your transportation it will be easier than before. Next time rather than finding a place to reload your TNG card, you can simply reload into the TNG eWallet app.

    For those who are travelling from Kedah to Penang daily for their work will surely enjoy using the RFID tag. The TNG company also announces that it will be bringing a special discount for the Penangites. All Penang RFID users can now enjoy 20% off toll fare at the Penang Main Bridge when you pass through the RFID lane. All you need to do is register at the PlusMiles for this discount.

    The TNG RFID tag will be available in the following locations in the Northern Regions.

    • Penang Bridge
    • Sungai Dua
    • Bertam
    • Sungai Petani Utara and Selatan
    • Gurun
    • Pendang
    • Alor Setar Utara and Selatan
    • Hutan Kampung

    In conclusion, if you haven’t registered for the TNG RFID, you can do it easily by purchasing the RFID tag from either Lazada or Shopee website. I have just ordered mine at the moment of writing this article. Order and activate it now.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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