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    TM launches new Unifi Home 100Mbps plan with free set-top-box inlcuded all channel access

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    At the beginning of this year, you might have notice TM announces it wont provide the Unifi set-top-box to its new Unifi Home subscribers. It seems now TM has change its mind. They are starting a new promotion where all new Unifi Home subscribers who subscribes for the 100Mbps plan, TM will offer the set-top-box including access to all channels for free. This could be one of TM strategic plan to attract more customers to use its fibre optic plan.

    According to TM spokesman, this offer is only available for a limited time. The new package includes the ultimate pack, which gives the customer to access all channels such as Fox Movies, live sports, and the BBC Player app too. All of the unlimited access is price at RM159 per month. Additionally, TM is giving its subscribers 600 minutes of talk time to all mobile and fix line nationwide too. As usual, TM will also offer its wireless router and modem.

    Nevertheless, if you are planning to subscribe to Unifi now, make sure you do it before May 31. This is because after May 31 the package might not be offered again. According to TM FAQ, it clearly states that subscribers will be under the contract for a 24-month. Even though, after 24 months, subscribers will still be able to enjoy the promotional price of RM159 instead of the actual price of RM189.

    Image from TM FAQ document

    In conclusion, if your residential area does not have the Unifi Home 100Mbps plan, then you can opt out for Unifi Home Basic Plan 30Mbps at RM79 per month only. You can find more details regarding the plan from here.

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