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    Google uses John Legend voice for its Google Assistant


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    Google is seriously working on its Google Assistant. Google Assistant new mode will allow you to talk to John Legend from your home and mobile devices. You can listen to John Legend responds to your everyday queries such as weather information and random facts. However, there is a catch, where the response which the Google Assistant gives is not completely from John Legend. Google uses AI to recreate his voice.

    Actually, Google made the announcement in May 2018 that it has the plan to bring John Legend voice to the Google Assistant app. Today, finally this feature is available to the consumers who live in the US only. At this moment, Google doesn’t have any plan yet to roll out this feature to worldwide consumers.


    If you are staying in the US, you can start to ask questions such as “talk like a legend” and it will change its voice to John Legend’s voice. You may change the settings back to the default settings again on your phone. According to Google, it did not use John Legend voice completely. Instead of that, Google recorded his voice on the studio and then train it using its Wavenet neural network.

    The same Wavenet neural network is used to train the regular Google Assistant voice. So if you have been thinking how the Google Assistant is so fluent less robotic, Wavenet is the reason behind the fluentness. This means, whenever you ask questions to the Google Assistant, you are getting the reply from the AI with the voice of John Legend.

    In conclusion, there are few queries which comes directly from the Legend himself such as “sing me a song”.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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