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    Unifi Air is now available to everyone for RM79 per month only


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    Last month, TM launches Unifi Air as a temporary solution to tackle the Streamyx customer’s issue. According to TM, Unifi Air is able to provide a similar speed of fibre optic by using TM TDD-LTE network. During the launch, TM mentions Unifi Air will only be available to selected customers only. However, today TM is rolling out Unifi Air to everyone who lives in the coverage area.

    The Unifi Air plan is priced at RM79 per month which includes Huawei B618 4G LTE wireless router and a sim card. Interestingly, Unifi Air now comes with unlimited quota with the speed of 20Mbps on the TDD-LTE network. All you need to do is check your area from the Unifi Air coverage map here.

    If your area is covered, you can now walk-in to your nearest TMPoint and subscribe to the Unifi Air plan for RM100 only. Do note that, the upfront payment will be reflected back in your upcoming bill. At this moment, you might need to sign a 24-month contract for the Unifi Air plan. However, once the contract period is over, you can still pay the same price without any changes.

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