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BREAKING: Malindo Air faces a massive data breach and exposes millions of passengers information


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Malindo Air is one of the famous airline company in Malaysia where most of the Malaysians uses it to travel to overseas. It is one of Lion Air subsidiaries airline company. Today we got to know that Malindo Air faces a massive data breach where millions of passengers personal information has been leaked. Personal information such as passport details, home addresses and phone numbers has been leaked on the Internet.

Chandran Rama Murthy, who is the CEO of Malindo Air confirms the data breach activity to South China Morning Post. He says that his company has started to work on this matter. Malindo Air has already informed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to further investigate on this matter. According to Chandran, Malindo Air will be hiring an independent cybersecurity firm to do a full forensic analysis of this massive data breach.

Does this massive data breach happen today?

Actually, Malindo finds out about this data breach last week itself already. However, Malindo noted that this data breach happened last month itself. This is not the first time Malaysia faces a massive data breach. A few months ago, Sephora had data breach too where millions of online customers details were compromised.

Back to Malindo Air, all the passenger’s personal data is stored in the Amazon public cloud storage. Anything which is stored in a public server is easier accessible. What happened was, all the passenger details were leaked online by a figure known as Spectre. The Spectre has published all the passenger’s detail on the dark web.

Thanks to a cybersecurity expert, Nandakishore Harikumar found it while he was carrying out security operation for his client. Immediately, he tried to contact Malindo Air, but there wasn’t any response from them. When he found the files, there were two files which are “Passengers” and “Passenger Details”. When he opens these files, he found out that information is very sensitive as it contains passengers personal information.

According to Malindo Air CEO, Malindo Air will be releasing its official statement on the data breach very soon. Other than that, Malindo Air also will be advising its customers regarding the data breach and will offer the complete security analysis report.

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Raaj Lokanathan
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