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    TM introduces Unifi Air and Unifi Lite for Streamyx customers

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    Last week, TM invites the media for its next #khabarbaik event. The main reason for this event is to list out the solution to tackle its Streamyx customer’s issue. Two months ago, the Minister of Communication, Gobind Singh has instructed TM to propose a plan within one month. One month later, TM has unveiled its Streamyx plan pricing will be reduced during the Kembara Digital Malaysia event.

    Today, TM has unveiled all the information’s about its new plans, especially for Streamyx customers. The first announcement Unifi CEO, Moharmustaqeem Mohammed says is all about the rumoured Unifi Air plan. The new Unifi Air plan is specially made for its beloved Streamyx customers. The Unifi Air plan starts from RM79 per month. This price is only applicable to Streamyx users only. Other users might need to pay RM129 per month to subscribe to this new Unifi Air plan.

    Unifi Air comes with unlimited quota

    During the event, he has also revealed more information about the router itself. Unifi will start to roll out the Unifi Air plan starting today onwards. At this moment, TM says Unifi Air is only available to 35,000 customers only who are within the LTE coverage area. Moreover, the new Unifi Air plan will be operating at 2.3GHz TDD frequency. For the speed-wise, Unifi says customers should be able to access the Internet at the speed of 20Mbps and Unifi is providing unlimited quota for its users.

    Before introducing this plan, TM has invited a few Streamyx customers to try out the Unifi Air plan. According to TM, many of its devices have been shipped to many of its Streamyx customers. Since its a plug-and-play device we are expecting users can directly use it at their home easily. The Unifi Air plan will be served to all the non-unifi residents primarily.

    RM69 for all Streamyx customers

    Apart from the Unifi Air plan, Unifi also introduces Unifi Lite plan for its current Streamyx customers. Do you remember when TM announces it will be reducing its current broadband plan from RM160 to RM69? Yes, TM has given us more information about this plan. The main reason TM introduces the Unifi Lite plan upon receiving a lot of complaints from Streamyx customers. Other than that, TM says the Unifi Lite is an interim solution before TM rolls out Gigawire to rest of its customers nationwide in 2021.

    Previously, we have received a lot of questions from our reader regarding the RM69 reduced pricing. Good news to you, the RM69 per month is fixed to all Streamyx customers. This means if you have been paying RM120 per month for your current Streamyx broadband plan, next month onwards, you will have to pay only RM69 per month. Broadband packages below RM69 will remain at the same price.

    In conclusion, these are all the solution TM has provided to tackle Streamyx customer issues. There will be more updates on the Unifi Air plan which we will cover it soon. What do you think of Streamyx solution? Share us your thoughts below.

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