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    This iPhone app brought us back to the nostalgic moment

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    Back in 2007 when Steve Jobs unveils the original iPhone, the whole world went crazy. Then gradually, Apple develops its own OS called iOS. This is where Apple ruled the smartphone industry. During this period of time, we have an app called iPod inside our iPhone. You might need to go back in time to know how it looks. But if you have used the original iPhone before, then we are sure this iPhone app does bring back the nostalgic moment again.

    Thanks to the iOS developer from Cooper Union College has developed a new app which transforms the iPhone into the iPod Classic. This includes the exact virtual scroll wheel and also the album cover flow. According to the developer Elvin Hu, the whole app was created using the SwiftUI.

    We are sure the 21st-century kids might not know what’s an iPod Classic is. Let me explain to you guys that first. It’s a device where you can store thousands of your songs. It was more like Spotify where you can listen to all your favourite songs. It has a scroll wheel which is used to browse through your tracks. Here is how the Apple iPod Classic looks like.

    According to Elvin Hu, he couldn’t imagine whether Apple will be approving his app on the App Store. Only luck can decide whether the app will be approved. However, at the moment of writing this article, Elvin Hu himself has confirmed that his app was rejected because of having the design of iPod Classic.

    Apart from portrait mode, the app also works in landscape mode. Apple called it as Cover Flow back in the iPod Classic days. Even the iPhone 3GS also had the album cover flow which some of you might have noticed this last time.

    In a nutshell, this app really brings app the nostalgic moment of using both the iPod Classic and the original iPhone. If Apple would have approved this app, surely this could have been a huge hit.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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