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    Things to expect in Apples WWDC 2020

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    In just another few more hours, Apple will be having its 20th Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC2020). Every year, Apple will be having its WWDC annual event grandly by inviting hundreds of developers from all around the world. However this year, due to the global pandemic COVID-19, Apple will be having it’s even via live stream. There are many things to expect during this year WWDC2020 event.

    First of all, we all know that during the WWDC event, Apple will be showing higher priorities for software compared to hardware. For this year, Apple will be showcasing its latest software for its current hardware. For example, iOS14, watchOS and iPadOS. However, for this year, Apple could be possibly unveiling new hardware too.

    iOS 14 rebranding to iPhone OS

    It is for sure, Apple will be unveiling the iOS 14 during later event. As usual, we can assure you that there won’t be any major changes to the iOS 14 compared to the current iOS 13. Nevertheless, Apple promises that it will be focusing more on stability and performance for the iOS 14. When it comes to Apple iOS software, it is one of the most powerful and secure software platform.

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    This round, Apple will be making the iOS software more stable. In the current iOS 13, many people have a complaint that its quite buggy. So we can expect Apple to fix all those reported issues by the iOS beta users. At the same time, there rumours too that Apple will be launching a couple of features such as Built-in Translator, a new home screen customization and also a new Fitness app. Well, how true is it, is still not known to us yet. In a couple of hours we will know the exact details of the iOS 14.

    Apart from that, one of a serial leakster have reveal that Apple will be rebranding the iOS to iPhone OS. Honestly, iPhone OS looks good, but we personally feel iOS is still catchy and trendy. Back in 2007, when Apple launches the first-ever iPhone, Apple unveils the iPhone software as iPhone OS. Now, things will be looking differently moving forward.

    WatchOS 7 made for kids

    Besides that, you can also expect Apple to unveil the new watchOS for the Apple Watch. One of the main reason people are more interested to purchase the Apple Watch is because of the watchOS. When it comes to health tracking, Apple Watch is the best choice you can think of. There are a couple of features which is going to make the Apple Watch more user friendly.

    Firstly, the most awaited feature, sleep tracking might be coming to watchOS 7. This is one of the lacking features in the Apple Watch. Now with this feature, Apple Watch will be the best smartwatch in the world. Moreover, nowadays, kids are one of the users who are using the Apple Watch. Parents can track their kids with the Apple Watch. Now, there are rumours that Apple will be launching a new Kids mode for the kids. With this new Kids mode, parents can restrict certain features in their kids Apple Watch.

    Apple to announce new hardware today

    Can Apple be unveiling new hardwares during today’s WWDC2020 event? Yes, probably. Rumours are stating that Apple indeed is planning to announce new iMac today. One of the main changes coming to the iMac is a new design. We can’t wait to see the new design of the the iMac if Apple launches during today’s event.

    Surprisingly, Apple is also planning to to unveil the most awaited tagging device. It is the AirTags. AirTags is a device which you can tag it to any of your devices and then you can locate them using your Find My app. For example, you can tag the AirTags along with your car key’s so that next time when you misplaced it, you can easily find it. The AirTags will be using Bluetooth technology along with Apple’s designed U1 chip to locate your missing items.

    How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2020 event

    If you might not know when is the Apple’s WWDC 2020 event, Apple WWDC 2020 event will be starting today on 22nd June at 10 AM PDT (23rd June, 1.30 AM MYT). You can easily watch this event on Apple’s website or on Apple’s YouTube channel.

    If you are an Apple app developer, then you can watch today’s event using the Apple’s Developer app and also through the Apple’s Developer website. For users who have Apple TV, you can watch it using the Apple TV app.

    In conclusion, Apple WWDC 2020 is one of the most awaited events of the year. We are excited to know what Apple has to offer for its users. We will be updating Apple post-announcement update on our website. Stay tuned for those updates on our TechmonQuay website or our TechmonQuay Facebook page.

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