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    You can send money to Australia using BigPay


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    Sending money to overseas especially to countries such as Australia takes a lot of your time. If you need to do the wire transfer you might need to go to the bank to proceed with the transaction. Good news, now you don’t have to do wire transfer anymore. You can simply use AirAsia’s BigPay to send money to overseas.

    BigPay is a type of prepaid card which is owned by AirAsia. Using this card you can use it similar to your bank debit card. All you need to do is transfer money into the card and then use it. The main advantage of using BigPay is you will entitled to get tons of offers and points which you can claim. The most recent update from AirAsia is it is allowing users to use BigPay to transfer money to countries such as Australia and Vietnam.

    However, there are charges for you to send money overseas. The charges vary depending on the countries itself. For example, if you sending money to Australia, then you will be charged additional RM17. Whereas, for Vietnam, it will cost you RM10. According to BigPay, soon it will be allowing you to transfer money to China too which you might need to pay RM20 for each transaction. The good news is if you are sending money to overseas using BigPay for the first time, then you might not need to pay the transfer fees.

    In a nutshell, do note that these international money transfers will take more than one day to reach to the destination country. For more information regarding the BigPay money transfer feature, you can visit BigPay website. Personally, we haven’t tried this app yet, so we can’t really tell much about this app though.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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