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    Tesla didn’t design this crazy iPhone 11 Pro

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    iPhone 11 Pro has increased Apple’s revenue for 2019. If you notice many celebrities are using Apple iPhone because of the security features in it. This has opened an opportunity for other premium companies such as the Caviars to design the premium iPhone 11 Pro.

    Recently, Tesla has unveiled the first-ever truck called Tesla Cybertruck. Its latest invention has shaken the whole automobile industry. Now, Caviars has designed the iPhone 11 Pro which was inspired by the designed of the Cybertruck. I know that’s not totally possible to own it but the first look itself is crazily designed.

    First of all, the body of the iPhone 11 Pro is made up of titanium. The Cybertruck is made of strong stainless steel. The titanium body doesn’t only give the solid feel but it also gives the premium look which you can get it when you see the Tesla Cybertruck. If you notice the current iPhone 11 Pro it has rounded corner. But the Caviars iPhone 11 Pro has sharp edges exactly like Tesla’s Cybertruck.

    The backside features a similar triple-camera setup with the “CAVIAR” engrave. This is where you can notice the sharp lines which you can see in the Cybertruck. At the front, there is titanium screen protection. This is similar to the Cybertruck glass design. Besides that, with the foldable titanium protection, you can even use it as a stand too.

    Cyberphone is the latest Caviar’s iPhone 11 Pro name. The Cyberphone is just fancy. You can grab the Cyberphone for $15,860 (RM69,964) by requesting it online.

    For more information on the Cyberphone, you can visit the Caviars official website.

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