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    Apple and Google closes its offices in China

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    Currently, the most trending news you can hear is the Wuhan Coronavirus. As of now, there are 14,550 confirmed cases worldwide. Out of this total 304 people have lost their life due to the Coronavirus. Government officials have advised people not to travel to China at the moment. Now, both Apple and Google have officially closed its offices in China.

    According to Bloomberg, Apple announces that all its Apple Stores and its offices will be closed in China due to the Coronavirus. However, Apple has told that it will re-open its stores and offices back on 9th February 2020. In addition to that, Apple also say that it will be monitoring its employees for the sign of the Coronavirus.

    Besides Apple, Google has also officially announced that it will be closing its offices in China temporarily. Google also closes its offices in both Taiwan and Hong Kong. The US tech giant has also advised its employees to work from home for at least 2 weeks. Apple has also place restriction for all its employees to travel to China. Google also has restricted its employees to travel in and from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    In conclusion, the virus outbreak is getting worst day by day. The latest report we have that the first person in Philipines is dead due to the Coronavirus. Our advice is please wear your mask wherever you go.

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