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Is Steve Jobs is still alive in Egypt?

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We all know Steve Jobs died back in 2011 because of his pancreatic cancer. He was the reason Apple lives a successful era. After 8 years, a picture of a man in Cairo has been circulating virally on the Internet. From the picture, the man almost resembles the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Without Steve Jobs, there wouldn’t have been a touch screen phone or huge screen tablet which almost works like a PC. Thanks to the legend, we are living the future of technology. Steve Jobs we all know always wears a turtleneck outfit and blue jeans. However, this Steve Jobs doppelganger is totally different. He doesn’t even wear a slipper and he was barefoot in the photo.

Some say even Steve Jobs also is barefoot very often when he brainstorms. This is one of the theories which can prove that’s indeed is Steve Jobs. Therefore, Steve Jobs biological father is also a Syrian immigrant from Homs. Probably, Steve Jobs wants to live in a quiet life rather than living as a public figure.

Steve Jobs is the man of simplicity. He likes to live a simple life. We are thinking Steve Jobs could be fake his death and live a very simple life in Egypt where his parents are from. He also believes a lot in spirituality. He could have found spirituality while living in Egypt for 8 years.

Do you think Steve Jobs is still alive in Egypt? Personally, we feel this may be could be true since most of the theories match Steve Jobs characteristics. The reason is being the CEO of the world’s most valuable company, you can fake your own death. Share us your thoughts on this conspiracy theory.

Raaj Lokanathan
Raaj Lokanathan
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