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    World’s first 5G network is rolled out by South Korea


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    The United States is almost ready to roll out the world’s first 5G network today, but South Korea has rolled out the world’s first 5G network today ahead of US. Ideally, SK Telecom plans to roll out the 5G network on Friday, but suddenly, they launch it earlier.

    Malaysia still needs few more years to realize this whole new technology. It is proven the 5G can boost speed up to 100 times faster than the current 4G network technology. At this moment, SKT offers Galaxy S10 which has the 5G chip in it. In the US, Verizon offers Moto Z3 with a 5G Moto Mod. The Galaxy S10 was launch at the beginning of this year whereas, the Moto Z3 was release last year.

    Apart from that, SKT also reveals the pioneer 5G subscribers who are Para-swimmer, Yong Sung-Hyuk, Olympic medalist Kim Yu-Na and the famous eSport player Lee Sang-Hyeok. At the same time, Park Jae-won is also part of the first 5G subscribers. He is also one of the most longest SKT subscribers since 1988.

    During the launch event, SKT has also revealed its first 5G subscribers. This include Para-swimmer, Yong Sung-Hyuk alongside Kai from EXO, Olympic medalist Kim Yu-Na and eSports player Lee Sang-Hyeok. Park Jae-won who has been a long time subscriber since 1988 was also among the first 5G subscribers on their network.

    Other than that, according to Forbes, SKT also installs 35,000 5G base stations around Seoul. They believe, this could really give a wider coverage to all iribersts 5G subscribers in South Korea. Before the end of 2019, SKT is expecting more than a million 5G subscribers.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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