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    Shopee To Add Apple Pay As One Of Its Payment Methods

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    As part of its updates, Shopee today added Apple Pay as one of the payment methods in their e-commerce platform. So, you might have noticed the Apple Pay option popping up when you purchase something on Shopee.

    Source: Amanz

    This feature has not been activated yet, but this addition indicates that it will be added and introduced in Malaysia soon.

    A few weeks ago, we reported that Apple Pay may be able to support Malaysian bank-issued cards, through an ‘accidental’ SMS from Ambank with a link attached to what we assume will direct users to the Apple Pay section. But, the link only resulted in an error page. Moreover, both parties haven’t released any official statement on that, so the availability of Apple Pay is yet to be confirmed. 

    Now with this new update from Shopee, Apple Pay might come sooner than we expect! So you might want to wait in the next few days, weeks or months for a possible announcement from Apple, Ambank or Shopee regarding the launches of Apple Pay in Malaysia. Stay tuned!

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