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    Apple Pay Might Be Available for users in Malaysia

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    Despite the increasing request for Apple Pay to be made available in Malaysia, it seems that it would probably take a few more years before that request is granted. Although the Apple Pay setting has been enabled for Apple users in Malaysia, the feature still doesn’t support Malaysian bank-issued cards. However, there is a high possibility that Apple is working on it though. 

    Recently, Lowyat.NET Forumer ken8888 has shared a screenshot of an SMS notification that indicates Apple Pay might be coming to Malaysia soon. 

    Source image: ken8888, Lowyat.NET Forums

    As can be seen, the SMS is received from AmBank with a link attached, assuming it would bring the user directly to the Apple Pay section on AmBank’s website. Unfortunately, Lowyat.net pointed out that when they tried to access it, there was only a ‘404 error’ that shows up. 

    Apart from that, Lowyat.net also tried adding a card via the ‘Add Card’ option on Apple Wallet but it leads to a dead end as the app only directed them to the Apple US support site. At the moment, there is no further clarification provided from Apple and AmBank sides regarding this issue. The unavailability of this feature is not a surprise since Malaysia is still not listed as one of the countries and regions that support Apple Pay. 

    The SMS received has brought up many possibilities. It could be that AmBank is working on including Apple Pay for its customers. But, for now, we just have to wait for an official statement from either Apple or AmBank regarding the status of Apple Pay in Malaysia. 

    Source: Lowyat.NET

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