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Samsung might launch the Galaxy Fold on July

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We are sure many of you might be waiting for Samsung to launch the Galaxy Fold since April onwards. Unfortunately, Samsung has to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold due to the screen issue where the protective layer damages the Galaxy Fold screen.

After the issue is confirm by Samsung, Samsung delays the launch of this foldable smartphone. Now it appears that Samsung could launch the Galaxy Fold on July. This was first reported by Samsung high-ranking official on the South Korean tech news website. According to this person, Samsung is gearing up to have a media conference in June. At this event, Samsung will release to the media in advance.

Originally, this device is planned to release to the end-users on April 26 but before the launch date, Samsung has given away a few of the Galaxy Fold to the tech influencers. When the tech influencers such as MKBHD started to use the Galaxy Fold, they notice there is a problem with the phone display.

According to iFixit, the gaps around the hinges might allow the dirt to enter into the device easily.

Next up: the magic hinge that makes all of the engineering wizardry possible. Let's count it down:

We believe, after two months delay, Samsung has made an improvement to the Galaxy Fold to overcome the display issue. Samsung is adding an additional protective layer to the main body to overcome the screen damage issue.

In conclusion, we can expect Samsung to be on sale starting July onwards. Previously, Samsung Malaysia announces the Galaxy Fold will be arriving to store on 3rd May 2019. Since the delay, Malaysians can start to purchase the Galaxy Fold from the telco providers starting either in July or August.

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