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    Huawei is not allowed to pre-install Facebook apps

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    In case you are planning to purchase a new Huawei smartphone you have to think twice before purchasing it. This is because Reuters has reported Facebook has ban Huawei too.

    Huawei is not allowed to pre-install Facebook apps in its smartphone. This includes WhatsApp and Instagram. According to Facebook, the current Huawei devices which have been shipped out from the factory will still be able to pre-install with Facebook apps except for the devices which have not left the factory will be affected.

    Other than Facebook apps, most of the smartphone usually pre-installs other popular apps such as Twitter and Most of the Huawei devices always comes with those pre-installed apps. However, at this moment, neither Twitter nor has given their comments regarding this matter.

    For now, Facebook has declined to comment on when the suspension will take place. You still can purchase Huawei smartphones until 19th August 2019 even Facebook bans Huawei. You can download the apps directly from the Google Play Store until the end of the 90 days temporary license expires.

    Recap On The Entity List

    In the mid of the May 2019, the US government has added Huawei name into its Entity List. After that, Huawei has been suspended from doing business with various tech companies in the US. Then, to give Huawei a small gap to breathe, the US government provides Huawei with a 90 days temporary license. As a result, Google has agreed to provide software and security updates until the end of 19th August 2019.

    In conclusion, people who are not active in any of these social networks might be happy with the Facebook decision because their phone storage might not take up for these apps. However, people who are heavy users might have to head over to the Google Play Store to download these apps until the end of 90 days period. After 90 days, Huawei needs to come with its own plan to survive in the smartphone business.

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