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    Soon you can pay later with Grab PayLater

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    Currently, Grab is the most leading ride-hailing service in South East Asia. Especially in Malaysia, most of the Malaysians use Grab e-hailing services to travel from a destination to another destination. A lot of improvement is being done by Grab to improve its service for its customers.

    How would it be good if you can use Grab services such as Grab rides, GrabFood orders, and GrabExpress deliveries and then you can pay it later in the following month. This is the new feature Grab is rolling out to all its users. It is called PayLater.

    How PayLater works?

    With PayLater, you will get instant access to pre-approved PayLater amount. Using this amount you can use it for any of your Grab transactions in a month. During the end of the month, Grab will notify you to pay for the amount you have used. All your Grab transactions will be consolidated into a single bill which you have to settle the amount using your GrabPay balance.

    Interestingly, Grab is not charging any additional amount charged if you pay your bills on time. However, Grab insists you make the full payment in the order for you to continue to use Grab services for the following month. If you fail to settle the full payment, then Grab will charge you RM10 admin fee for the suspension of PayLater. You can’t carry forward your payment balance until you settle your monthly bills completely.

    Do note that, Grab will deduct the amount to settle the monthly bill from your GrabPay balance. In case your GrabPay amount is insufficient, you can use your debit or credit card to top up the amount to your GrabPay eWallet. After that, you can use your GrabPay eWallet to settle the monthly bill. From the FAQ, the payment due date is every 7th of the month. This means if you receive the bill on the 1st of the month, you have six days to settle the amount.

    How to activate and use PayLater?

    Within a few steps, you can easily activate the PayLater feature. All you need to do is tap on the Payment tab in the bottom of the navigation bar. Once tapping it, you should be able to view “Try PayLater Now”. Click on it to set up your PayLater. Then tap the Activate PayLater button and your PayLater account will be activated. However, you can’t set the prefered amount yet. Grab automatically assigns the unique PayLater amount based on your user profile. Now, your account is ready to use PayLater.

    So now your account is activated, next, you can select PayLater as your prefered payment method. In the payment method, there should be a purple icon which represents the PayLater as the payment method.

    Assuming, you have already use PayLater for one month. Now, its time for you to make the payment by 7th of the month. By going to the Payment tab you can view the PayLater usage. Tap on the View Details and Pay Bills to settle your monthly bills. Lastly, tap on the Pay Now button to complete your payment.

    Currently, Grab is only rolling out its PayLater feature to selected users only. Grab hasn’t revealed any details when it will roll out this feature to everyone in Malaysia. For now, Singapore is the first country Grab rolls out the PayLater feature. What do you think about Grab PayLater feature? Do let us know in the comment section below. For more info visit Grab PayLater page.

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