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    Can you catch an iPhone in the mid-air

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    Our phones have been our best buddy around these days. Wherever we go, we used to bring our smartphones along with us. This includes when we are asleep too. We know some of you keep your smartphone close to your arms too while sleeping. Many of you might not know that recently, a guy brought his iPhone while he was riding a roller coaster at PortAventura World theme park.

    When the roller coaster starts moves fast, the owner of the iPhone loses control of his iPhone. Imagine you are on a roller coaster and your iPhone is flying in the air. How do you feel that moment? The worst scenario would be is you might either lost your iPhone or you could have broken your iPhone. However, in this case, something different happened.

    One of the passengers who was sitting behind him immediately grab the iPhone while it was in the mid-air. You can watch the video below, to see how excited the passenger was. Honestly, we all should thank for his quick reflex. Now, the video has been going viral lately on the Internet.

    After getting down from the roller coaster ride, the passenger returns the iPhone to its owner. And the owner thanked him and give him a big hug.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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