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    The highly anticipated Oppo Watch coming to Malaysia


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    After Apple introduces the Apple Watch, other smartphone makers are also jumping on the bandwagon. Recently, Oppo also unveils its first-ever smartwatch which looks similar to the Apple Watch. Back in March 2020, Oppo unveils the Oppo Watch in China. Almost after six months, Oppo is finally launching its smartwatch in Malaysia.

    Until today, Oppo Malaysia did not reveal the exact date of the Oppo Watch launch event. But, we are assuming that the Oppo Watch will be launched by mid of October at least. Talking about the specs of the Oppo Watch, it comes in two sizes which is 41mm and 46mm. Only the 46mm model comes with LTE support.

    Oppo Watch Technical Specs

    For the display wise, the 41mm has a 1.6″ Rigid AMOLED display. Whereas, the 46mm comes with a 1.91″ AMOLED Flexible Dual Curved display. Another thing to note is, Oppo Watch is the first smartwatch to design a smartwatch with a dual-curved display. Even the current Apple Watch also does not has a curved display.

    Even though the Oppo Watch looks like the Apple Watch, Oppo has added two buttons. In comparison, the Apple Watch has a single button with a digital crown. The Oppo Watch frame is made of aluminium alloy and the strap is made of fluoro rubber.

    Similar to the other smartwatches in the market, the Oppo Watch also has multiple workout modes. The Oppo Watch is able to detect the type of workouts you are performing and then it tracks your workout. It even can track your heartbeat during your exercising activities. With HeyTap Health app, users can track their health data on their smartphone. The Oppo Watch is water-resistant for up to 50 meters. This means you can wear the Oppo Watch during your swimming activities.

    Let the AI to create watch face for you

    Under the hood, the Oppo Watch runs on Snapdragon Wear 3100 and Ambiq Apollo 3 Wireless SoC. The interesting part of the Oppo Watch is the AI watch face feature. Oppo has built an AI which can select the watch face based on your outfit. It is simple to create AI watch face. All you need to do is capture your outfit with your phone and then the AI will create a matching watch face based on your outfit.

    The Oppo Watch also runs using Google’s Wear OS which was launched by Google back in 2014. With Google Wear OS, you can perform all your daily activities seamlessly. In comparison with the China model, which only runs on the default colorOS which is based on Android.

    The combination of Google Wear OS and the battery capacity in the Oppo Watch, it allows the Oppo Watch to last for up to 21 days in a single charge. The Oppo Watch has a 300mAh battery for the 41mm model and the 46mm model has a slightly larger battery, 430mAh. Oppo says that, with its Watch VOOC fast charging support, users can charge the Oppo Watch to 46% within 15 minutes. And by charging the Oppo Watch in 15 minutes it gives you at least a whole day without fail.

    In conclusion, Oppo has yet to unveil the price of the Oppo Watch in Malaysia. But, we are assuming that it should be lesser than RM1000. We will update you guys once Oppo unveils its smartwatch in Malaysia.

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