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    Oppo Watch is another clone of the Apple Watch


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    Apple Watch has truly revolutionized how a smartwatch should be. Looking forward now, 90% of the smartwatches are following the benchmark Apple set. On March 6 2020, the China smartphone company unveils its most awaited flagship phone, Oppo Find X2 Pro. On the same day itself, Oppo also unveils its first-ever smartwatch called Oppo Watch.

    The Oppo Watch comes in three models which are the stainless steel version, the 46mm and 41mm aluminium case version. All these three models feature a 3D flexible hyperboloid display which is the industry-first display for a smartwatch. The icons and the fonts are bold and sharper with the AMOLED Retina display. With this hyperboloid display, the Oppo Watch has a 72.76% of screen-to-body ratio with a 402 x 476 resolution.

    On the feature-wise, the Oppo Watch connects you forever with its built-in cellular feature. Similar to the Apple Watch Series 5, the Oppo Watch supports eSIM. This means you can continuously stay connected even without having your Oppo smartphone with you. Besides that, the Oppo Watch also features various types of the watch face. It comes with the style-matching AI which can generate the watch face based on your outfit colour.

    For the health-wise, the Oppo Watch does a pretty decent job in monitoring your health. Apart from tracking your heart rate, the Oppo Watch can also monitor your sleep quality. It will generate a sleep report which will show the duration of a deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. For the female, Oppo has also included the cycle tracking app for all female users. The Oppo Watch also has its own breathing reminder app built-in. Even Apple also has the Breathe app built-in on its smartwatch.

    Under the hood, the Oppo Watch also features a Dual-Chip Endurance System which can switch between Snapdragon and Apollo chip. This switching activity is done based on the current power usage mode. Most probably, the Snapdragon chip will be used when the watch is normal power mode and then it switches to Apollo chip during low power mode. According to Oppo, it claims that the Oppo Watch can last up to 40 hours in a single charge with its Smart Mode. Unless if you enable the Power Save Mode, then the watch can last up to 21 days on a single charge.

    Whenever it comes to Oppo, it is always well-known for its flash charging technology. That’s the same technology Oppo has integrated for the Oppo Watch. Now the Oppo Watch features the Watch VOOC Flash Charging technology. It can fully charge your watch within 75 minutes only. If you charge for 15 minutes you can use the Oppo Watch for 18 hours at least. That is almost enough for the entire day of use.

    Pricing and Availability

    The OPPO Watch Series will be available globally and will hit the shelves in mainland China from March 24. The currently unveiled versions use the Android-based ColorOS Watch system. It will soon come in versions tailored to other markets, so please stay tuned. The 41mm model is priced at CNY1,499 (RM913) whereas the 46mm model is priced at CNY1,999 (RM1,218).

    As OPPO’s first foray into the wearable market, OPPO Watch is raising the bar with its signature design, built-in cellular connectivity, health & fitness features, fast charging, and Dual-Chip Endurance System. Overall, it’s a smartwatch experience you won’t want to miss.

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