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    OpenAI Five wins against Dota2 world champions

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    Have you ever expect artificial intelligence (AI) to win against human especially in games? We have a new world champion for the Dota2, which is not a human but it is an AI. The OpenAI Five system defeats two of the world champion teams easily. The match which carried out on the weekend proves that AI can really play and win against the world champions.

    OpenAI shares the details on its blog post regarding the game-playing agent. Although this is the fifth version of the system, OpenAI says, it is still using the same neural network however this round it goes into deeper training.

    In total, the current version of OpenAI Five has consumed 800 petaflops/s-days and experienced about 45,000 years of Dota self-play over 10 real-time months (up from about 10,000 years over 1.5 real-time months as of The International), for an average of 250 years of simulated experience per day.

    To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time an RL [reinforcement learning] agent has been trained using such a long-lived training run.

    We can easily say the one of the world’s most complex game is Dota2. This is because it requires a lot of thinking skill to play it. Other than that, players have to control five of their “heroes” in a large map at a given time is difficult. The OpenAI Five system works as a team. Usually, if the AI plays when there is an interruption from the human, it has very high chances to misbehave. Surprisingly, the system was able to play pretty well without any issues.

    Are you interested to take on the AI by yourself? Why not give it a try! OpenAI Five is launching its arena, where Dota2 players are welcome to play with or against the OpenAI Five system. Players need to sign up before the due date. Players can start to play starting from Thursday evening 6 PM until the end of Sunday, Pacific time. Malaysians planning to join the game, make sure you register yourself before April 19. This is because according to Malaysian time the game starts on Friday 9 AM onwards.

    In conclusion, AI is exactly the future of technology. Sooner you can expect AI wherever you go.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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