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    Niantic Labs reveals Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game


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    PokemonGo fans, there is a news for you. After creating a huge game record by the Niantic Labs, now they are working on a new augmented reality game “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”. Harry Potter saga has a huge amount of fans worldwide where some of them literally go crazy when the movie or game is released.

    If you have played the PokemonGO (known as, “PoGo”) then you sure will love playing this game. Niantic Labs has invited few journalist to try their new game before it is launch on end of 2019. According to the developes, this game will be harder than the current PokemonGO. This is because, if you know about Harry Potter you should know the magical story behind it.

    Difference between PoGo and Wizards Unite

    During the launch of PokemonGo, it is basically a very simple game. Your objective is go around try to find the creatures and then capture them. This concept is pretty simple. But with the Wizards Unite, you have a lot of task to complete. You will only understand the fundamental of this game if you are an hardcore Harry Potter fan. You have to travel between different universe to collect mix artifacts. If any of the series character is stuck in a bad situation, you have to play a tracing mini-game to remove the spells from the character. You have to collect the items and free you friend. Based on that, you will earn your experience points and you can level up your character.

    Niantic Labs on creating a RPG

    Previously, Niantic has always implemented their game with a very simple concept. The Ingress was all about exploring real-world maps and the PokemonGo was all about capturing pokemon using the smartphone camera lens. According to them, the Wizards Unite is going to be a full-fledged RPG game. Players can play this game as their new hobby by doing many things inside the game. Not only collect artifacts and visit inn, but you can also play more advanced activities. Some of the features are leveling up your character, learning new abilities daily and then teaming up with your friends to compete together.

    Going into JK Rowlings fantasy world

    Imagine you will have the chance to see JK Rowling’s world comes to life on your smartphone. Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), Wizards Unite gives you the same magical universe to you. While you are walking down the street and suddenly you might saw the Portley portals. This portals will let you jump into a large blue swirl of energy and then into the new magical world of Harry Potter. All of this are fully explorable with your smartphone’s camera.

    As for now, Niantic Labs has not let know on the official release date. But this game could be a treat for all the Harry Potter and PokemonGo fans all around the world. We sure this game would be a double success than the PokemonGo. Till then watch the sneak peek of the Wizard Unite from Niantic Labs.

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