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If you have been waiting for the 2019 first Apple event then we got an announcement for you. Apple has officially send its media invitation for its next event on March 25. Apple is always famous for having hidden meaning on their invitation. This time, they have teased the media invitation with the tagline “It’s show time.” Note the space between the word “show” and “time”.

During the year of 2006, when Apple sends out the media invitation they used the tagline “It’s showtime”. That moment they launched the Apple TV. What we can expect for the upcoming event is media related launch. New Apple TV probably or new Apple own streaming service like the Netflix.

As expected, Apple event will take place in the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. If you might be thinking where is this place, actually if you remember Apple’s current headquarters the Apple Park. The spaceship-like place. That’s the place the event will take place.

Source from Foster and Partners

Apple has included a gif in their invitation. Basically, it’s an classic countdown “4 3 2 1” and the “It’s show time”. Very like Apple is working on its own streaming service.

GIF from the media invitation

If you would like to the live updates of this event, follow us on Facebook “TechmonQuay”. We will be conducting our first live event update without any delay. Join us together for this live event update. Stay tuned.


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