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    The biggest UI change is coming to the MySejahtera app


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    It has been almost two years since our country Malaysia got affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has caused many of us to stay at home and work from home. In order to move around, we are advised to take the vaccine which is being provided by the government. And all this while, all of our location check-in and vaccination details are being tracked on the MySejahtera app.

    But, the question to be answered is, is the app really good for us? Especially, the new standard operating procedure (SOP) which says that we need to show our digital certificate after taking two doses of vaccine. At the same time, we need to continue to check in as well on the MySejahtera app whenever we walk into a store. To be honest this is seriously troublesome. Especially for the senior citizens, are having such a difficult situation to scan the QR code and then showing their digital vaccine certificate.

    Surprisingly, the MySejahtera development team is hearing our feedback. This is because there are huge UI changes coming to the MySejahtera app. One of them is fixing the serious design problem as I mentioned above. Even though the design still needs more improvement, but this current design change fixes the problem where we need to check-in at the same time show our profile before entering a shop.

    Thanks to our newly appointed Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who have shared this good news with us today. In his Twitter account, he has tweeted that, the MySejahtera team will be pushing a new build tonight with the latest design changes on the MySejahtera app. According to him, he believes these new changes will help us to live with COVID together.

    Here’s the new UI change:

    With these new design changes, you can easily check in to the location at the same time view your vaccination status. This means you don’t need to switch back to the profile tab to show the status manually. Honestly, this makes us feel more relieved rather than showing the profile tab each time entering a shop.

    At the same time, Khairy has also shared another tweet regarding a new feature as well. It is a check out feature. Basically, it is a simple feature where once you check-in into a shop you need to tap on the checkout button as shown in the image above when you leave the shop. You won’t be needing to scan any QR codes during the checkout. Just a simple tap on the button will do. The main purpose is to improve contact tracing.

    In conclusion, the new MySejahtera app update should be available on all platforms including Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store as well as Huawei App Gallery. Simply click the link above accordingly to update your MySejahtera app. Share with us your thoughts regarding the new UI change on the comment section below.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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