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Yesterday, Microsoft started to roll out some cool features for the Mail app. Later after that, we got to know that Microsoft isn’t stopping. There redesign their Edge browser for Windows platform. Most of the people thought Microsoft isn’t competing with other tech giants. Well now, Microsoft has proved they are still inside the game.

Few months ago, Microsoft announce that Edge browser will be rebuilt from scratch using the open-source Chromium project. The Chromium was created by Google itself. Today we can share you the first look of the redesigned Edge browser. Thanks to Neowin who shared its first look on their website.

Image from Neowin

Based on the image above, they have added a few arrows which show the bookmark bar, extensions, profile picture, and the most visited sites. When you look at the picture, we are sure, you will be reminded of the current Google Chrome design. This is because the browser is built on top of the Chromium project.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is working on its new features such as the Bing integration and Bing image of the day at the background. The new Edge browser also supports the current Edge extensions. Microsoft decides to maintain its own extension store. At the same they also allows users to install extensions directly from Google too.

Image from Neowin

This application could compete with the current Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As for now, Microsoft haven’t announce the release date for the Edge browser. Stay tuned till we update you on the progress.


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