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    Microsoft did it again!

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    Recently, we are hearing a lot of good news from Microsoft. Started with dark mode feature and then redesigns its Edge browser. Now, they have begun to roll out a new special feature, which we have been waiting for.

    Let us welcome the AI feature into the Excel app. What it does basically is, it will import the photos of tables and charts and then convert it into an Excel spreadsheet. Next time, whenever, you take a picture of a table on your smartphone you don’t have to add it manually into your Excel.

     Microsoft is rolling out a feature that allows users to add data to Excel directly from a photo. — AFP Relaxnews
    Image from Microsoft Excel app

    If you notice, during the Microsoft Ignite event in last year September, Microsoft has announced about this feature. They were saying soon we will “saying goodbye to manual data entry”. Now their words have been true. The Android Excel app can seamlessly convert pictures of tables and charts into fully editable digital spreadsheets.

    Microsoft has added a new button “Insert Data from Picture” which basically the name says it all. It uses image recognition technology to add the data tables into the Excel spreadsheet. After adding it, the user can modify the rows and columns as usual.

    According to Microsoft, they are planning to roll out this feature to the Android devices first at this weekend. Later, they have planned to roll out this feature to the iOS Excel app too in the future. No exact dates were given for iOS release.

    Not only that, there are more features are coming to its Office platform. This month going to be a treat for all Microsoft users.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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