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As you all know, Mobile World Congress was held at Barcelone at the end of February, last month. During this event, Maxis signed an MoU with Huawei to fasten 5G networks deployment in Malaysia. Attended for the signing ceremony was Gokhan Ogut, Maxis CEO-designate, and CTO, Morten Bangsgaard. On the other side was Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating Chairman, Jeffery Liu and Michael Yuan, CEO of Malaysia.

A week after the MoU signing ceremony between Maxis and Huawei, Maxis has started to perform its 5G trials in Cyberjaya this week. Once again, we can see that Maxis has won the race for being the first operator to conduct 5G experiments in Malaysia. During the 4G trial run, Maxis was the first network operator to conduct its test in Malaysia. This round Maxis was the first one to conduct the 5G network test. It was expected the trial runs will be running for at least six months duration.

Maxis told that till today they have recorded the 5G network download speeds almost 3Gbps. Imagine having a 5G network in your mobile phone, you can continuously stream contents lightning fast without worrying about the network coverage. Through this trial run, Maxis believes they can provide further analysis of the 5G characteristics.

Soon, Malaysians can have faster speed internet which is 10X higher than the current 4G. Additionaly, it comes with lower latency and higher capacity to support multiple devices. Thinking about IoT, we think Malaysia is close to achieve this technology soon. Using the 5G technology, we can expect the introduction of industry 4.0, autonomous driving and also smart cities development around Malaysia.


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