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    Maxis offers “Buy 1 Free 1” promo for Huawei P30


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    The Huawei P30 series smartphone is officially here in in Malaysia on last week itself. Now you can get the Huawei P30 series smartphone in various telco providers in Malaysia. The most famous telco providers, Maxis is offering two brand new Huawei P30 series smartphone for the price of on P30 series smartphone on its Zerolution Plan.

    According to Maxis, the “Buy 1 Free 1” promotion is only valid if the user subscribes to the MaxisOne Plan 188 and MaxisOne Share Line only. Both of these plans are RM188 and RM48 per month respectively. This is part of the Maxis Zerolution instalment program.

    Apart from that, Maxis does offers the Huawei wireless charging case worth of RM268 if you buy the P30 series smartphone. Whereas, if you purchase the P30 Pro, you are entitled to get the waterproof Snorkeling casing worth of RM428. Both these items should be redeem before the stock finishes. Moreover, Maxis is also offering you the Huawei Backup 1TB worth of RM599 for free if you order the Huawei P30 Pro 512GB from Maxis online store.

    Maxis Zerolution Plan

    Price for Huawei P30
    Price for Huawei P30 Pro 128GB
    Price for Huawei P30 Pro 512GB

    Normal Contract

    Price for Huawei P30
    Price for Huawei P30 Pro 128GB
    Price for Huawei P30 Pro 512GB

    In conclusion, to understand more on this promo, visit Huawei P30 Maxis page.

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