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    Instagram announces ‘TikTok’ clone Reels in the US

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    TikTok is the most popular video platform in any countries around the world. In countries such as India and the US, there are millions of active TikTok users. We all know that TikTok is banned in India last month. And now, the US government is considering to ban TikTok in the US too if ByteDance didn’t sell it to the Americans. In the midst of this issue, Instagram announces ‘TikTok’ clone feature called the Reels.

    Rather than an app, Reels is a built-in feature inside the Instagram app. With the Reels, feature, you can create 15-seconds videos similar to TikTok. Currently, Instagram is rolling out this feature to the Americans only. We haven’t got the chance yet to try the Reels feature in Malaysia. But, Instagram posted on its blog saying that, you can audios, AR effects to the short video clip. We can say this is almost 90% similar to TikTok.

    So, if Trump’s organization bans TikTok in the US, the content creators, still have Reels to continue creating great contents. Creating a short video in Reels is super easy. All you need to do is choose an audio clip from the Instagram music library. Eventually, if you want to use your own audio clips, you can record audio using Reels and then use the audio. There is a timer and countdown feature too where you can set it before starting to record the video.

    Similar to TikTok, there is an “Explore” tab in the Instagram app which you can find some cool video clips. And if you are uploading your video, then it will be shown in the “Explore” tab. Except, if your account is in private then your reels could not be seen by others. For those public accounts, other people can use your audio clip and create their own reels too.

    In conclusion, the Reels feature is now available in the US. This feature is not yet available in Malaysia. This could be due to the lack of Instagram music library feature in Malaysia. We will give it a try once Reels is available in Malaysia.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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