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    Samsung unveils its first-ever ANC earbuds, Galaxy Buds Live


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    Back in the early 2000’s people were listening to songs using headphones. Then as time progresses, we started to listen to songs using earphones. And then one day we started seeing smartphone makers launching their own earbuds. After that, many smartphone makers have started to design their own earbuds. A few days ago, Samsung had its Unpacked event via livestream. During its event, Samsung unveils its first-ever Active Noise Cancellation earbuds called the Galaxy Buds Live.

    Despite unveiling its flagship smartphone, the fans are more excited for the Galaxy Buds Live. The main reason is that it is the first-ever earbuds from Samsung which comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). One of the things we liked about the Galaxy Buds Live earbuds is the design. It looks like a bean shape and even the size also seems very small. In comparison with Apple AirPods or OnePlus latest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Live is the smallest earbuds we have ever seen.

    First of all, the Galaxy Buds Live comes with the ANC feature. With the ANC feature, it can keep all the background noises out hearing from you. All you can hear is the sounds inside the Galaxy Buds Live. You can easily activate the ANC feature on the Buds Live by just tap and hold the earbuds touch control for 1 second. If you want to turn off the ANC feature you can repeat a similar step again. This feature will be really useful when you are on a train in a busy town. You can just enjoy your favourite music.

    Great sounds with AKG speaker

    Apart from that, the Buds Live also has a 12mm AKG speaker. You might have already known that AKG is the main sound provider for all Samsung devices. Imagine having the ANC feature with the AKG sounding, surely the bass sound will be truly incredible. The ergonomic design of the Buds Live makes it easier the sound to flow seamlessly. The Buds Live comes with the touch control interface similar to other earbuds. You can easily tap the touch control in the Buds Live to switch songs or answer a call.

    For the battery wise, the Galaxy Buds Live comes with a wireless charging case which in a single charge can give you a 21 hours of life. The charging case features a 472mAh battery capacity. If you are planning to listen to song using the Buds Live non-stop then you can listen songs for up to 6 hours. Especially if you Samsung device supports reverse wireless charging feature, then with just 5 minutes of charging you can get an additional of 1 hour battery with the Galaxy Buds Live.

    Pricing and Availability

    Another interesting feature in the Galaxy Buds Live is the Buds Together. With this feature, you can easily share music with your friends. Do note that, your friends also should have a pair of the Buds Live if you want to use this feature. For the device compatibility wise, the Galaxy Buds Live supports both Android and iOS devices. You can easily pair it with all iOS devices above iOS 10 only.

    For the pricing wise, the Galaxy Buds Live is currently priced at RM699. That’s is slightly cheaper than Apple AirPods. The Buds Live comes in three different colours which are Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, Mystic Black. However, at the moment Samsung hasn’t unveiled the official release date for the earbuds to be available in Malaysia. But, surely we can get the latest Buds Live within a couple of weeks.

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