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    How to delete apps on the iPhone permanently


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    Deleting apps is very easy in iPhones. However, many users are facing problem to delete apps from their iPhone permanently. Have you ever face problems where apps reappear back to your home screen after deleting or restoring backups from your iPhone.

    When you install any applications from the App Store, the data will back up into the iCloud online storage service. This doesn’t completely remove the app data when you delete the app from your iPhone. Today we will share the how-to delete the app permanently from your iPhone.


    First of all, as usual, hold the app you wish to delete until you will see the app starts shaking. Make sure do not press it too firmly because this might open then Share menu instead. Next tap the X icon on the top right side of the app. Then a box will appear by saying “Delete [app name]?”. By tapping the Delete button, the app will be deleted successfully. We are sure most of you know the steps until here. But the next steps are the most important ones.

    iCloud Settings

    Now let get into the business. First, go to the Settings and tap on your profile on the top. Then tap on the iCloud button and then tap on the Manage Storage button. This is where you can view the current iCloud storage available for your account. Next, select the Backups from the list provided. This is where you will see all the devices which are using the iCloud backup storage. For your case, you have to select “This iPhone“. By tapping the Show All Apps, you should be able to view all the list of the app inside your iPhone. To permanently delete the app you can slide the white dot to the left and you will be shown a pop up “Do you want to turn off [app name] backups and delete the backup data from iCloud?”. Your job is very simple, just tap Turn Off & Delete only. Now your apps will be permanently deleted on the iPhone and it will never redownload again when you restore the backup from your iTunes.

    In conclusion, these are the most simple ways you can delete apps from your iPhone permanently.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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