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    OpenAI Five wins 7,215 matches against human

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    OpenAI teams develops the fifth version of its AI system. Last week, the team tells the AI is able to defeat the Dota 2 world champions. In order to test its capability, OpenAI team launches its own Dota 2 arena where players from worldwide can join and try to defeat the OpenAI Five AI system.

    The team has shared the result after the event. The result is soul-crushing because the OpenAI Five system wins almost 7,215 matches between the humans. However, it did lose 42 games where the AI loses. If you do the math the winning rate for the AI is 99.4 percentage. According to the report, out of the 7,215 matches 3,140 times the humans have abandoned the game.

    After winning against the Dota 2 champion team OG, the developers are confident with the AI system. The AI also lets the players participate in cooperative modes where humans and AI play together. According to the team, it took at least more than six hours of gameplay before the first human team defeats the AI. The OpenAI team plans to continue their research using the Dota 2 game as their research platform for further development of powerful AI systems.

    In conclusion, OpenAI Five AI system will be able defeat most of the players in this world. By making the AI more intelligent, there are some possibility this AI could be use in our daily life in the future.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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