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    How to connect a PS4 controller to iPhone, iPad or Mac


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    Remote controllers are among the finest reason about why the modern gaming is the best thing these days. However, these controllers can be frustrating sometimes, especially when they quit working for no perceivable reason. With the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controllers, the Bluetooth connection between the support and the controller can once in a while gets hindered and make a few issues. You need to know about several aspects including compatibility of ps4 controller on iOS 13 to make your gaming experience enjoyable.

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    To have a ton of fun while playing, you truly need to connect a PS4 controller to iPhone, iPad or Mac. As a matter of fact, utilizing the PS4 controller on the iPhone is simple and straightforward, yet how to connect a PS4 controller to iPhone, iPad, and mac is what very few individuals know. Here we will uncover the mystery. Read this article till the end to connect a PS4 controller to iPhone, iPad or Mac. This technique will work both on iOS 10 and iOS 11. Read on and learn o how to connect ps4 controller to iOS 11.

    The procedure for connecting any controller with your gaming console is simple, and we can tell you the best way on how to connect PS4 controller, so you’re prepared to play once more.

    How to Connect Xbox One S Controller To iPhone or iPad

    There’s no requirement for any sort of jail breaks any longer. You don’t even have to download any other application. Follow the steps below:

    1. In the first step, you have to open the settings of your iPad or iPhone, whatever device you want to connect with your Xbox One S controller.
    2. Secondly, you must turn on your Bluetooth by tapping on it.
    3. Now you have to turn on your Xbox One S controller, in order to do that press the Xbox button on your console.
    4. After that you should turn your Xbox One S controller into pairing mode, this would be done by pressing and holding the connect button.
    5. When you are done with that you would be able to see the Xbox One S controller in the section of other devices, which would be named as Xbox wireless controller.
    6. In the last step, you should tap on (Xbox wireless controller) to connect Xbox One S controller to your iPhone or iPad

    Note that when your Xbox One S controller is connected to your iOS 13 gadget, you’ll have the option to use it for gaming purposes with it as long as the game has controller support for it. You can likewise check the battery level for your controller in the Battery section to make sure that your gaming experience isn’t interrupted.

    How to Connect PS4 Controller To iPhone Or iPad

    Follow the steps mentioned below and know how to connect ps4 controller to iPhone or iPad:

    1. In the first step, proceed by pressing and holding the PlayStation button along with the share button.
    2. If the first step would be completed successfully you would be able to a light flashing on the PS4 controller.
    3. Now open the Bluetooth setting of your iPhone, iPad or whatever device you want to connect to the PS4 controller.
    4. Find the ps4 controller, it would be shown as DualShock 4.
    5. Finally, tap on it to pair your device.

    How to Connect PS4 Controller to Mac

    However, there is a lot of buzz on the internet about how to connect my PS4 controller to Mac to play macOS games? Well, there is no such Plug n Play support for Sony’s DualShock 4 controller on mac, there are as yet a couple of ways that you can use to pair your PS4 controller to Mac and play your most loved macOS games and have amazing gaming experience.

    Connect PS4 Controller to Mac Using Micro-USB Cable

    The most effortless approach to connect PS4 controller to Mac is to utilize a Micro USB cable for connection. In order to accomplish that, follow the steps below:

    1. Firstly, connect your PS4 controller to Mac using the Micro USB cable.
    2. Now turn on the PlayStation by pressing the PS button present in the center of your console gamepad.
    3. After that, you have to choose Apple and go to About this Mac section.
    4. When you are done with that click on System Report to connect the PS4 controller to Mac
    5. In the next step, select USB and search for the wireless controller under the USB section.

    After following the steps, you can see Wireless Controller (it’s classified as wireless despite the fact that it’s connected through a Micro-USB Cable), at that point your PS4 controller is successfully connected with the Mac. Now you are free to play all the compatible games. It’s significant that Steam offers full DualShock 4 controller help crosswise over Mac and PC, which means you won’t have to change any extra controller settings when playing a controller-upheld Streaming game using a Mac.

    Hooking up your PS4 to a Mac using Bluetooth is great because it enables you to the game without the wire (and without buying the official adapter), allowing you to sit back and use the Mac just like you’d use a console.

    Connect PS4 Controller to Mac Using Bluetooth

    Connecting your PS4 to a Mac utilizing Bluetooth is incredible in light of the fact that it empowers you to game without the wire and without purchasing the official connector, enabling you to kick back and utilize the Mac simply like you’d utilize a gaming console.

    1. Go to the system preferences of your mac, first select Apple menu and then system preferences.
    2. Then turn on Bluetooth by tapping on Bluetooth option.
    3. In the next step turn your ps4 controller into the discovery mode, this could be done by pressing and holding the PS button along with the share button simultaneously. 
    4. After doing so, you can see the light flashing on your ps4 controller.
    5. Now click on pair device with a wireless controller in the Bluetooth options.

    Finally, you have successfully connected your mac with a PS4 controller using Bluetooth. Now you can experience unlimited gaming experience by connecting PS4 controllers using a mac. 

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