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    Grab Malaysia implements facial recognition for passengers


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    Recently, there are many issues related to Grab drivers. It is either the Grab drivers do something bad to the customer or the other way round. In order to curb this issue, Grab Malaysia is implementing the facial recognition feature for the Grab drivers. According to Grab Malaysia, the main purpose of this feature is to identify if there is any misconduct against the drivers.

    Grab launches the unique Passenger Verification system widely to every Grab passengers. This feature is launch at the beginning of March, where newly registered Grab users has to take a selfie of their face through the Grab app. Then with the facial recognition algorithm, the app will be able to tell it is an actual human face. Other than that, the app also able to detect the face and rejects if the user uploads any inappropriate photos.

    As part of the Grab’s #SaferEveryday Grab is aiming to raise the transport safety standards in Southeast Asia. Since the unique Passenger Verification feature rolls out on March the passenger-related crime rate has dropped by 30%. According to the Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, two days before Grab roll out this feature, there was a case where the Grab driver is the victim of the passenger crime. Grab announces the feature will be completely rolling out today to all Grab users.

    Grab also give assurance that the photograph taken will only be used for a one-time verification process. This means the user’s data is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Other than that, Grab is also planning to include another feature where the driver details will be removed from the trip history after 72 hours of completing the trip. The purpose is to ensure Grab drivers are safe.

    In conclusion, by introducing the unique Passenger Verification feature, it is believed the drivers should be safer. At the same time, when the driver is the victim of the crime, the driver should be able to make a police complaint accordingly. Visit the Grab page for more information.

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