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    Grab’s AutoProtect Feature Allows Passengers To Record Audio On Car Rides

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    Beginning next month, Grab Malaysia will begin testing a new safety feature called AudioProtect (beta) starting with a small group of users in the cities of Penang and Johor.

    Once activated under Safety Settings, the feature will allow both driver-partners and passengers to record audio during their journeys. In a statement, Grab explained that the addition will speed up the process of reporting incidents and getting them resolved.

    In case you wonder how it works, when you request a ride, you will be given the option to turn on the feature. Apart from that, you can also enable this function from the My Account > Safety Settings

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    However, the recording will only work if both drivers and passengers enable the feature. Moreover, the recording will be stored on your device for up to 10 days and if there is no security issue reported, the recorded files will be removed from the device to free up storage space.

    Furthermore, for security and privacy reasons, you are unable to playback or access the recordings on your device. Grab has assured its riders that, should a safety incident be reported, the file will be encrypted and available only to Grab-authorized workers, law enforcement officers, and government authorities.

    On the Grab help page regarding the AudioProtect (Beta), the company explains that if you travel outside of the trial cities namely Penang or Johor Bahru, you won’t be able to use the feature since the trial service is presently being offered to a limited number of customers in Penang and Johor Bahru.

    To know more about the feature, visit the Grab help page.  

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