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    Google Lens will recommend foods to eat at restaurants


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    Google launches Google Lens back in 2017. It is a camera app which uses image recognition technology to identify objects and read QR codes. During Google I/O 2019, Google announces that it will be built into the Pixel Camera app itself.

    Starting at the end of this month, you can use the Google Lens feature in restaurants. You just have to show your camera to the menu and Google Lens will recommend the foods at the restaurant. Tapping on each individual dishes you can see the photos and reviews which is taken from Google Maps. Other than that, Google is also adding the feature to calculate a tip and bills splitting. You have to show your camera to your receipt and it will show you the menu to calculate the tip and you can split the bills easily.

    Apart from that, Google also tweets on the capability of Google Lens. Google shows a video on how this feature could help people who can’t read and understand signs and computer interfaces. According to Google, this feature will launch for Google Go first. In case you don’t know, Google Go is the lighter version of the Google Search app. This means low-end devices can use this app which only requires 100kb of the storage.

    In conclusion, this is something really useful for everyone. People who travels a lot should able to make use of this new feature of the Google Lens.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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