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Google says there are 2.5 billion active Android devices

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Google launches its own operating system back in 2008. Now after ten years, Android is the most used devices in the world. During 2019 I/O developer conference, Google announces there are at least 2.5 billion active Android devices. That’s more than the population of China. This statistics shows the popularity of the Android operating system in the world.

According to Google, the number is purely based on Google’s Play Store statistics. Imagine this does not include other China Android devices. If we take those devices under consideration, then the number would have increased up to 3 billion active Android devices. Back in the 2017 Google I/O conference, Google announces it has reached 2 billion active Android devices. This announcement was made during the launch of Android Q beta 3.

In conclusion, Google Android devices are cheaper than Apple devices. This is the main reason the numbers are more than iOS active devices. Let’s wait for Apple’s WWDC event where Apple will share its devices usage statistics.

Raaj Lokanathan
Raaj Lokanathan
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