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Google Launches A New Business Attribute, Supporting Asian-owned Business

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Google recently announced a new way for Asian-owned businesses to thrive by enhancing their digital presence in this large community. 

The giant company is adding a label that would act as a guide for users to easily discover and support businesses from marginalized communities, including Asian communities. Users can now include the Asian-owned attribute in their Business Profile on Search and Maps. Ad-supported publishers will be able to identify as Asian-owned in Display & Video 360’s Marketplace in the coming weeks as well. 

Source: Google

Moreover, this new update added to the existing business attributes provided by Google which includes tags such as women, or Black-owned brands. It is the initiative for business owners to be recognized extensively across Google platforms and for people to have a diversity of business options to choose from. 

For those who are unfamiliar with this feature, here’s how the business attribute works. 

if you select a business identity attribute (women, Black), customers will notice a small icon indicating your business identifies on your product description pages (PDP) on the “Shopping” tab. Customers can also use the identity attributes to filter for businesses. 

However, the tags are optional and are currently available to only retailers based in the United States. Businesses can choose whether or not to use the attribute on their Business Profile, and they can easily opt-out at any time. 

This new addition will give more exposure to small businesses out there, especially in the post-Covid era. Leanne Luce, Google’s product manager in her post said that “It’s our hope the Asian-owned attribute brings people together and provides our communities with much-needed recognition: to help them be seen and thrive. We are excited to spotlight Asian-owned businesses and highlight part of what makes our community unique and important.”

Source: Google

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