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    Twitter’s Location Spotlight Feature Helps Businesses To Get Discovered

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    Twitter recently rolled out a new feature that would help you to find shops or businesses. The new Location Spotlight feature allows professionals with physical business locations to display their business address, hours of operation, and additional contact information so that customers can reach them by phone, text, email, or Twitter Direct Message.

    Source: Twitter

    “For the past year, we’ve been developing a collection of foundational, free-to-use products that give this community the tools they need to customize and strengthen their business presence and showcase their products to customers directly on Twitter,” explains Twitter in a blog post

    On top of that, this spotlight also enables professionals to add a map of their business location using the Google Maps Platform. Let’s say, if you decide to purchase something or just want to check out a business nearby, you can use the map to get directions to their destination.

    Other than that, Twitter announced a few upcoming features focusing on professional products which they plan to launch this year as well. For instance, the ‘Professional Home’ feature where professionals will have access to a homepage where they can track performance, discover product offerings, access additional resources, and drive performance.

    In order to activate the Location Spotlight in your business Twitter account, you can follow these steps:

    1. Go to your Twitter Profile > tap Edit profile
    2. Tap Edit professional profile (only if you have a professional account)
    3. Tap ‘Profile Spotlight’
    4. Click on the Location toggle switch > fill in your business address, hours, website and contact info.
    5. Tap ‘Publish’ to display all your business information publicly on your Twitter account. 

    Source: The Verge, Twitter

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