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    Google AI fails not to let users upload New Zealand attack video on YouTube

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    YouTube is the platform which everyone uses to upload any type of videos. Every viral videos are from YouTube. There are a lot of videos which sometimes brings hatred to people. Since then YouTube is trying its best to remove all the hateful videos from its platform. Google has even hired more than thousands of employee to work as a human moderator for the uploaded videos.

    With the recent mass shooting attack in New Zealand, the shooter has live stream his video on Facebook. Although Facebook has removed the videos immediately, but other people who watched the video have downloaded it and uploaded it to YouTube.

    In YouTube, you might find a lot of videos which are related to the attack. According to Google, they are working round the clock to remove all the violent footage from the attack. The videos of the attack are still can be found from the platform.

    Image from Aljazeera

    How YouTube blocks the videos?

    YouTube has created a tool called Content ID which is used to block certain videos from ever showing up on the site. This method was used many years ago. Mostly film studios who has their own copyright, they will have the ability to claim their content. They even can get paid if someone uses their content without prior permission. Therefore, this technology has been used by YouTube to even block videos such as child pornography and terrorist propaganda videos.

    The other method YouTube used to remove those violent videos is by developing its own AI. Five years ago, Google has developed its own AI which uses machine learning and image recognition techniques to identify the videos. In combination with that, YouTube developed a flagging system which works with AI. This was introduced in mid-2017. Using this technique, YouTube has removed more than half of the videos has been blocked for displaying violent contents.

    Why YouTube cant stop those video being uploaded?

    Even Google hired thousands of workers they still can’t stop the attack videos being uploaded. According to Rasty Turek, CEO of Pex told that it is easy to trick the computers. You can make small changes to the video by putting a frame around it. Moreover, you even can flip the video on other side which causes the software could not able to detect those videos.

    Live streaming is one of the major problems on YouTube. YouTube AI not able to analyze the video before it is being uploaded. No matter how good is their AI, the moment when YouTube AI recognizes the video content, the video might have been playing for at least 30 seconds. YouTube is still working on ways to block live streams videos on YouTube.

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