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    Galaxy Fold 2: World’s first ultra-thin foldable glass display


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    We have more rumours for you for those who intend to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung could be using a glass material instead of the plastic material for its upcoming Galaxy Fold 2.

    Thanks to one of the reliable leakster @IceUniverse who tweeted regarding the display of the Galaxy Fold 2. The interesting part is, the leakster claims that Samsung will be using an ultra-thin glass cover. Samsung will be the world’s first foldable smartphone to use the ultra-thin foldable glass display for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

    One of the reasons we can confirm that Samsung will be using a glass material is because of its recent trademark which Samsung applied in Europe. Samsung is calling it as “Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass” or “UTG”. Supported by the KoreaIT News, claims that the similar material will be used for its upcoming foldable smartphone.

    Apart from that, the current plastic material which is being used for the Samsung Galaxy Fold does not give the premium quality due to its material type. According to The Verge, many smartphone manufacturers are investing a huge amount of money into the foldable glass display. Other than that, smartphone makers believe that if an ultra-thin glass display is being used for the foldable smartphone, it will be more resilient compared to the current plastic material.

    In a nutshell, ultra-thin glass display is the next trend for a foldable smartphone. Even if Huawei redesigns the Mate X with this ultra-thin glass display is not a surprise to us. Anyways, we have to wait until the smartphone makers make the official announcement.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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