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    Facebook rolls out Facebook Dating feature in Malaysia


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    Two days ago, Facebook had its 2019 F8 developer conference at San Jose California. Every year, Facebook will introduce a new feature during the F8 developer conference. Back in September 2018, Facebook launches the Facebook Dating feature where users can find their date easily by creating their own dating profile. This feature is first available in Thailand, Colombia, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico. Now, Facebook officially announces to bring this feature to Malaysia starting 1st May 2019.

    Is your relationship single at this moment? Are you looking for someone to date? Then you should use this new feature on the Facebook app. It is very simple to use this feature. You have to create your own dating profile which totally different from your normal Facebook profile. You don’t have to worry about your data, because of Facebook neither publish nor share your dating profile to your Facebook friends. The Facebook Dating feature will recommend people based on the preferences you set on your profile. This feature can easily be found from the Facebook Menu page on your Facebook app. There should be a new Dating option. Apart from Malaysia, Facebook rolls out this feature to another 13 countries. Facebook says they will roll out this feature to the US too at the end of this year.

    Facebook’s Secret Crush

    Additionally, Facebook introduces a new feature called Secret Crush. This feature is mainly focused on people who are introvert. These are the person who is scared to talk to their crush. It basically works like Tinder. When you add few of your crushes into your Secret Crush list and if they also add you into your crush list. Facebook will immediately notify the match to both of you. In order to use this feature, both of the users have to create their own Facebook Dating profile first. In Tinder, you have to swipe right for the person you interest with. Then if the other person swipes right for your photos then Tinder will notify you of the match.

    Facebook dating

    In conclusion, we are sure Facebook only allows users who are 18 years and older to use this feature. This feature might be really useful in Malaysia since there are alot of guys and girls who are not in a relationship. Let’s see how userful this feature once people starts to use it.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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