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    Facebook new logo surely makes you feel boring


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    Facebook very seldom make changes to its logo. When it makes changes it totally gives an impact. A few days ago Facebook unveils its new logo for its other brand company. The current Facebook logo still remains the same. According to Facebook, it creates this new logo to differentiate between Facebook and the other companies which it bought.

    Facebook’s new logo just says “FACEBOOK” in a capitalised word. Facebook says this new logo is designed for clarity. It uses all-new custom typography to create a visual distinction between the company logo and the app logo. On its newsroom page, a gif image shows a wordmark that displays in multiple colours. It has a few colours in it such as blue for Facebook app, green for WhatsApp and a mixture colour is for Instagram.

    Say bye to “from Facebook”

    Facebook says that it will be launching this new logo in the coming weeks. If you notice the current Facebook-owned apps design, it just has a tagline “from Facebook”. Soon this will be changed as shown below “from FACEBOOK”. So if you are expecting the bold blue Facebook wordmark.

    In a nutshell, Facebook’s new logo seems boring, but this is one of the ways for it to avoid controversies. What do you think of Facebook’s new logo?

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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